Travel Policy

In this Travel Policy, ‘us’ ‘we’ or ‘our’ means Evidentli Pty Lmt (ABN 33 626 225 947) our subsidiaries.

To whom does this Travel Policy applies?

This Travel Policy applies to all Evidentli staff and contractors on company business such as providing on-site support, training, professional services for the benefit of a customer or partner (the client). This policy only applies to travel approved in writing by the client. We reserve the right to charge the client for expenses in accordance with this policy unless a different policy is agreed to by all relevant parties.


  • The quickest travel option involving airlines, railways and public transport will be taken.
  • Flights within Australia or international flights expected to take less than 4 hours, will be in economy class.
  • International flights expected to take 4 hours, will be in business class.
  • Travel between hotels, airports, customer premises, will be using a taxi services (including ride sharing services).


  • If return travel time is expected to take 8 hours or more then one night accommodation is required.
  • Travel time is calculated as the sum of all flights, taxi rides, rail rides and layovers.
  • Accommodataion will be in single hotel room with amenities, per traveller.

Per diem

  • For every night of accommodation, three meals up to a total of AUD $80 or AUD $60 if a meal is included in accommodation.
  • For a single day of travel without overnight accommodation, two meals up to AUD $60
  • Mobile phone roaming charges

Contact Us

For further information about our Travel Policy or make a complaint, please contact us using the contact us function.

Effective: 17.5.2018