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Piano transforms data into knowledge

Accelerating Clinical Research and Analytics

Evidentli's Piano is a unique research automation platform that reduces the efforts required to arrive at new insights from data. Piano cleanses, harmonizes and standardizes data to make it ready for a number of analytic applications such as AI, clinical quality audits and research. By using data standards and integrating data with advanced analytic tools, and a unique user experience, Piano dramatically accelerates investigations using real world data (RWD).

Piano automatically keeps Real World Evidence up-to-date, reproducible and reusable. 

Spinetto answers your questions  

Spinetto is a lightweight version of Piano that is quick to install and integrate with any electronic health record system. Start using Spinetto by find an answer to a hundreds of common medical questions or customize it to answer your own questions. Spinetto is designed to help hospitals and other data custodians understand their patients journeys and safety, as well as conduct quality audits efficiently. 

Evidentli Services

Whether you are interested in understanding the state of the evidence from the scietific literature or to understand your own patients and how practice impacts their outcomes, Evidentli offers professional services that go beyond our software products.