Our unique technology, Piano, a result of over 15 years of industry-leading innovation, cleanses, aggregates and harmonises real-world clinical data using open standards, fit-for-purpose AI technologies, data warehousing and analytics; streamlining the process of turning healthcare data into actionable evidence


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Piano Data Automation

Our proprietary algorithms include machine learning and natural language processing to transform data or text from any format or source 50-100x faster than experts, saving time and money. Learn how it works here.

Data is standardised with over 99% reliability, 6-8x more precise than human experts.

Our data warehousing is purpose built for healthcare interoperability. With built-in data governance, transformed data is organised, de-identified, and appropriately governed and secured to run applications, at scale.

Future-proof your data transformation initiatives with our open standards based infrastructure (OHDSI OMOP, supported by a community of over 3000 organisations),


Piano Insights

Designed for use by clinicians and researchers, our intuitive workbench provides deep tech capability with drag-and-drop functionality, enabling seamless collaboration between clinical and IT teams.

A RESTful API provides flexibility by allowing any third party tool to be integrated, so you conduct clinical analytics, business intelligence, research and AI development using one platform.



Whether it is quality improvement, patient-centered care, operational management, clinical trials, population health or precision medicine; co-design and reproducibility are key to reliable evidence.

Our global research collaboration and translation platform, EvidenceHub, is a place to share research methods, transparently and precisely using an open-standards, to exchange medical knowledge and form communities, without sharing data!


We exist to provide healthier data for you to make better informed decisions. And because healthcare is complex, our solutions are designed to adapt and scale accordingly.


Quality and Safety

An essential part of improving the safety and quality of care is analysing clinical performance across the organisation. By consolidating data on operational performance, clinical outcomes and patient experience, our technology equips healthcare organisations with the insights to:

  • Monitor compliance
  • Automate clinical audits
  • Reduce waste
  • Measure adherence to guidelines and standards of care
  • Compare efficacy and risk of various clinical care pathways
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Population Health

Healthcare data is often fragmented and is a barrier to developing evidence based policy. Our technology unlocks your longitudinal health data and incorporates patient generated data to: 

  • Design more effective healthcare delivery services
  • Identify gaps in care
  • Reduce chronic disease burden
  • Reduce costs by using evidence based incentives

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Research & Innovation

Some of the most time-consuming and difficult tasks in developing a new intervention or policy center on data. AI can help solve many problems in healthcare, but it first needs to be trained to high-quality data. Our technology rapidly cleanses and standardises data:

  • Reducing the time and cost to train and prove healthcare AI
  • Enabling study replication 
  • Facilitating collaboration without sharing data
  • Reducing translational medicine timeframes from years to months

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Learning Health Systems

A learning health system (LHS), a cornerstone of digital healthcare, continuously measures, analyzes and rapidly implements processes that produce better health outcomes, at reduced costs and with fewer risks to patient safety. Our technology supports the implementation of a LHS by delivering the required evidence, to the right people, at the right time.

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