On-Premise Services Travel Policy


This policy applies to all employees of Evidentli that provide on-premise professional services  as of the 1st of January 2022. Below are the standard rates Evidentli charges for travel incurred by Evidentli employees providing professional services at the client site. 

Standard rates

Flights Domestic International International
Qantas is the preferred carrier Flexible Economy 1 check-in bag
Business class rail
< 8 hours
Premium Economy
> 8 hours
Business Economy
Local travel Taxi/ride share Hire car
E.g. from airport to hotel, from hotel to office Preferred Only if taxi service is not available
Per diem USD EURO Other
Meals, sundries 120 110 Fare rate conversion

Accommodation < 4 weeks > 4 weeks > 3 months
Within the same region is the primary location e.g. downtown 4 or 5 star hotel as available
Business class rail
4 or 5 star apartment or similar (with kitchen) or Airbnb
Premium Economy
1 bedroom serviced apartment


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