Piano Meta-data on Evidence Hub

In the course of its normal operations, Piano exchanges meta data with Evidence Hub. Evidence Hub provides version history, collaboration and billing services to Piano. Unlike Piano, Evidence Hub is hosted by Evidentli, not the customer.

What is considered meta-data?

Meta-data is information that is generated in Piano that is not clinical data nor derived from clinical data (i.e aggregate data). Examples of meta-data are:

  • An analytic workflow
  • The inclusion criteria for patients in a study. For example, the statement “all patients with a condition ‘SNOMED 44054006; Diabetes mellitus type 2 (disorder)”
  • Python, R and SQL scripts
  • Which statistical tests used to compare cohorts, for example “odds ratio” 
  • The amount of data (in GB) managed by the data warehouse
  • The number of users on the system

The following are not meta-data and are not exchanged with Evidence Hub:

  • Any information about any patient or clinician, identifying or otherwise
  • Patient ID number
  • The number of patients in a cohort
  • Aggregate information calculated from any of the above (such as the percentage of male patients)

What does Evidentli do with meta-data?

Evidentli stores meta-data to provide version history, enable collaboration and for billing purposes. The customer owns the meta-data and Evidentli is the custodian of the copy of the meta-data on Evidence Hub.

Meta-data on Evidence Hub is private by default. Private meta-data is only accessible to users that already have access to it in Piano (owner and members). It can only be viewed and commented on by anyone they give a link (URL) to the specific meta-data. 

The owner of the meta-data, and only the owner, can manually publish the meta-data. When published, the meta-data can be provided in the search results performed on internet search sites such as Google and searches on Evidence Hub. Published meta-data is free under GPL 2.0. 

Can I keep the meta-data on site?

Yes. Contact sales@evidentli.com with the subject line “Private Hub” for a quote.


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