Clinical Data

Before clinical data can be used to find insights, to produce real-world evidence or to power AI applications, it needs to be cleaned, modelled and often federated. This is a time-consuming, manual process.

Piano’s ingress automation uses the power of AI to collect data from multiple databases and transform each into the most commonly used standard for research on patient data: the OHDSI CDM. Using flexible ingress workflows and drag-and-drop configuration, Evidentli’s proprietary algorithms that include machine learning and natural language processing, transform data at a fraction of the time it would take to create transformations manually.

Whitepaper: Common pitfalls in designing and building data warehouses for healthcare

Whitepaper: Piano’s AI Transforms Clinical Data More Accurately than Humans [associated data]

Healthcare Quality and Safety

In order to create a truly smart healthcare facility, thousands of regular quality improvement audits need to run continuously. A handful of clinical quality audits and quality improvement projects are conducted and updated routinely in hospitals, but not enough. The barrier is in the cost associated with the manual labour required. 

Piano is a unique research automation platform specific to clinical health. With Piano, clinicians, researchers and analysts can quickly and easily create research workflows to:

  • Measure adherence to guidelines and standards of care
  • Compare efficacy and risk of various clinical care pathways
  • Develop evidence based predictors for patient outcomes
  • Perform post-market surveillance on medication and devices

Case Study: A question of Patient Safety

Evidentli Piano: product description

Medical Research

Piano includes a scientific toolbox with the most commonly used analytical tools in clinical research:

  • including/excluding patients in cohorts and sub-groups,
  • statistical comparison and summary,
  • patient recruitment into trials,.
  • Natural language generation algorithms automatically produce reports that accurately describe the research.
  • Python and R integration and a REST API to add your favourite tools.
  • And many more…

Our drag-and-drop interface allows complete research projects to be created in minutes without writing a single line of code.

Clinical Analytics

Insights from real-world data are just as important in running hospitals as they are in other businesses. Unlike other businesses, the complexity of the data renders traditional data science tools useable only by people with a very unique and specific skillset. Experience tells us that clinical data science teams in hospitals have the time to answer less than 5% of the requests they receive for clinical insights.

Piano provides code-free analytics and copy and paste for research workflows; get answers to analytic questions quickly and effortlessly.