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Why the world needs Evidentli

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It is now well accepted that evidence based medicine consistently produces better objective health outcomes for patients. That is to say, that practice that considers objectively measured historical evidence leads to healthier patients.

The biggest problem facing evidence based medicine is that there is not enough evidence. This is because producing an disseminating evidence is expensive and wasteful.

Evidentli's product line delivers innovative ways to produce reproducible, replicable and reliable evidence. The world's first research automation platform Evidentli Piano uses a standard semantic layer to let scientists conduct research once and use copy-and-paste to effortlessly replicate studies across multiple sites. Piano includes toolboxes that not only automate (or semi-automate) research tasks but also raises the bar on research in important ways:

  • Piano automatically updates research ensuring the latest evidence is always included
  • Research conducted with Piano is 100% documented so that even without PIano research is 100% reproducible
  • Piano ties conclusions to results so that you can see not only what conclusions were drawn but also what conclusions would have been drawn had the results been different.
  • Peer review is continuous even after a study is published.
  • Research protocol can be amended even after the study is run with revision control and explanation on how the protocol was changed and why.

With so much evidence still needed and with Piano's ability to produce high quality evidence quickly and inexpensively, Piano should be the tool of choice for any data scientist working in healthcare.

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