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The magical world of AI in medicine

By: evidentli | January 8th, 2020

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Is there a cure for bias?

By: evidentli | December 16th, 2019

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Is AI bias all that new?

By: evidentli | December 2nd, 2019

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What kind of healtcare would you like?

By: evidentli | November 26th, 2019

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ICASR 5 in Bergen, Norway

By: evidentli | November 6th, 2019

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Not all data are created equal

By: evidentli | October 18th, 2019

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In the shark tank

By: evidentli | October 9th, 2019

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AI Doc Episode 3: Do you want an AI Doctor?

By: evidentli | September 16th, 2019

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AI Doc Episode 2: What can AI doctors do?

By: evidentli | September 13th, 2019

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