• Guy Tsafnat

New COVID-19 suite now in Piano

Today we made available COVID-19 research suite for free to all Piano users. The COVID-19 suite is designed to assist hospitals manage aspects of the disease in real time by providing the research infrastructure to inform patient triage, bed allocation, medications/treatments, and staffing levels. Piano users can now find the following new projects in the Project Library:

COVID-19 progression:

  • This project shows the number of patients with suspected (SNOMED-CT 840544004) and confirmed (SNOMED-CT 840539006) COVID-19 cases.

  • This project allows hospitals to monitor workload and resource requirements

  • This project enables evidence based near-term predictions about future demand.

COVID-19 Patient Characteristics:

  • Breakdown of age, co-morbidities, procedures, observations and medication, for patients with identified COVID-19 compared to other patient cohorts

  • This project keeps Emergency departments, Intensive Care Units and hospital administrators informed as more is learned about the disease.

  • This project provides the evidence hospitals need to adapt policies for triage, admissions, bed management, and discharge in a rapidly changing environment.

COVID-19 Observations:

  • Comparison of suspected and confirmed COVID-19 patients by intervention.

  • This protocol can be easily customized to look at different interventions, compare with different groups, different outcome measures.

  • Out of the box outcomes are length of stay, risk of transfer to ICU, risk of developing pneumonia and death.

To start using these projects in your own hospital/facility:

Existing Piano Customers:

  • Find the project in the Project Library

  • Click Copy

  • Open the projects in "My Projects" and configure the "import data" to use your own data (rather than the default synthetic data).

  • Run the project. The report should be up to date within a few minutes.

If you are not yet a customer:

We have begun a rapid roll-out program for new Piano customers that want to use the COVID-19 Suite. Customers in this program can be up and running the Suite in as little as 3 weeks. Contact sales for more information.