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Demand your medicine be evidence based!

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We know that medical decisions should be based on evidence of efficacy and safety. We also know that much evidence is missing (because it was never created, because it was created but not published, because it was created poorly and/or because it is out of date). So much evidence is missing that deaths in hospitals are common (in fact, the third leading cause of death in the USA). Lack of evidence is killing patients.

According to Nobel prize laureate Paul Krugman, it is up to doctors to demand evidence. Evidentli also empowers doctors to produce their own evidence, to disseminate it, to localise it and to form communities of research. The result is a learning health system that constantly improve using every patient encounter. Contact us to find out more or to request a live demo.

Further reading: Nobel Laureate: Docs Must Insist on Evidence in Medicine

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