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Can algorithms help clinicians?

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When we think of how much algorithms are helping us in modern life (finding where to go, finding a way to get there, and finding out why we went there in the first place) algorithms are so ubiquitous, it may be surprising how little of them is used in health care.

Clinical decision support systems have existed since the 60's and have always been shown to in trials to improve patient outcomes but paradoxically, adoption has been minimal. Much research has been done on why, and many reasons have been identified (too many to recount here) but the main point is clear: computerized clinical decision support are not working. Depending on your perspective you may either blame clinicians because they don't adopt new technologies that can help patients. Alternatively, you can blame engineers for providing solutions that clinicians can't use. At Evidentli, we are firmly of the latter group.

Clinicians are highly trained to use evidence to make decisions. Systems that mask the evidence with complex algorithms, that displace evidence from clinical trials with an unverifiable prediction, are doomed to be ignored because they are not in line with clinician's training.

Evidentli ensures clinicians have the evidence they need to make effective decisions. We decision aides of the kind that clinicians are already trained on and are used to work with, summarised and available. Our solution is designed from the top down for use with clinicians.

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